Tribs Report April 28th

Made it out on the Sheboygan and Root the last two evenings this week while traveling in Wisconsin for work.  Water levels were low however, clarity was not great as there were a few short rain storms that traveled through the last few days. I swung flies through some deep pools at the Sheboygan with nothing to show. I haven’t fished the Sheboygan at all this spring as it had been blown out for almost the last two months. It was a tough outing but I was glad to get some practice in on the switch rod (which is still a new concept for me).

The story was a bit different at the root.  After an hour of seeing zero signs of fish, I was shocked with a sudden tug on the black sculpin I was swinging through a shallower run.  I waited a brief second to set the hook and as I raised my rod tip the fish spit the hook.  This would have been my first fish this spring on the swing with the new switch rod, however fate had a different plan. I fished the run for another half hour and decided to call it quits for the night and most likely the season (for steelhead of course!) I normally would have been crushed about missing the one hookup I had in two brief evenings of fishing, but in reality it left me feeling more excited than ever to get back out to the tribs as the run picks up again this fall.

I am planning to get my pontoon out of storage for the summer at Lake Delavan. Time to start rigging up some minnow patterns and sink tips for early season pike and bass on the lake.  I have fished the lake plenty growing up on spinning and baitcasting gear but have limited experience when it comes to tossing a fly.  My goal for the summer is to utilize a fly rod whenever possible.  Usually the pontoon has been reserved to good tunes and cold beers but I think it should make for an excellent casting platform as well!




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