Thursday Night Fly Tying

If there is a part of my fly fishing regimen that could use more work than anything else it’s definitely my tying capabilities.  I am a beginner tier in every sense of the word beginner.  A few weeks ago I knew nothing more than a simple wooly bugger and glo bug pattern. That has quickly changed as I have begun frequenting Coren’s Rod and Reel’s, Thursday night fly tying.  This group has taught me more in a few short weeks than YouTube could have in a few years. The group is normally lead by Stuart Van Dorn of Tippets and Tales fame. Stuart will usually pick a theme for the evening and tie 3-4 patterns with the group from there. He has a few basic rules to abide by while you are there, the most important being “don’t crowd the hook eye!” Eric, the owner of Coren’s, is extremely knowledgeable as well in all facets on rod building, tactics, tying and a whole slough of other fishing related topics. While I have miles of thread to tie before I am even close to the expertise of these guys nothing has been more satisfying than going out on the weekend and throwing my own flies.  I can’t wait to see what next Thursday has in store for us!



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