Memorial Day Lake Delavan

Made out on Lake Delavan over Memorial Day weekend with one objective, to pull something up with the fly rod.   My brother, sister and I pulled up to shallow bay where I had had some luck in the past.  We were tossing standard spinning gear when my brother pulled up his first pike on a Mepps #4 spinner.  Not long after my sister did the same. Both fish were small but it was reassuring to know the fish were active and willing to eat.

I decided to throw a “fly” that I had picked up from Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters the week before.  The reason I say “fly” was the fact that it was a weighted woolly bugger with a plastic twister tail tied off the back.  I know some purists might consider that less than a fly, heck some people will argue if it doesn’t float its not a fly. In my opinion if it is cast with a fly rod…its a fly.  Anyway, as we drifted our way across a shallow bay on the west end of the lake, I saw an approaching a weed flat. I strategically placed my fly over the patch of weeds and stripped the fly right over the top as it entered the water. Immediately I was hooked up with a small pike. The battle ensued and we had her in the net pretty quickly.  I really cannot explain the feeling of landing a brand new species on a fly rod as I continue on with this obsession.  Fly fishing has completely rejuvenated my excitement for landing fish, no matter the size or species.  The northern did not disappoint and put up a great fight for a fish under 25 inches.  I can’t wait to hook up with some bigger pike as I re-learn to fish Lake Delavan on a fly rod.  The rest of the day was met with a few short hook ups and we had to call it a day by 9:30am as the Memorial Day crowds began to pick up.






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