Skunk Redemption – June Smallies

Got out for round two last month with my buddy Theo chasing smallies on one of my favorite streams in southern Wisconsin. My hopes were up as the weather started to warm and there were signs of fish leaving their beds.  As we started our float the smallies were everywhere however most were still in spawn mode.  That didn’t stop the rock bass from hammering our flies as we worked down river. We spoke with a gentlemen wading early on in the float that said he was having luck with poppers, so we stuck with that game plan for most of the day. The first 3 hours were filled with rock bass and sightings of smallies doin their thing. I wish I could have gotten a photo but we also kicked a massive turkey out of some of the tall grass and spotted a bald eagle cruising down river overhead. Always impressive to see a bird like that less than 2 hours outside of Chicago.

In the last half mile of our float with the sun starting to dip the fish decided to eat.  Theo pulled up the biggest smallie I had seen out of this secret river on a deer hair diver.  About 5 minutes later  I also hooked up with my first smalljaw of the season.  I wish we had another hour or so to fish but we reached out take out point soon after. We had some celebratory Bell’s Two Hearted Pale Ale’s and called it a day. I can’t wait to get back out on the river as the summer fishing heats up.  With a wedding less than two months away I am not sure how many outings I will be able to make happen but I will be sure to make the most of them. Can’t believe I’ll be a married man going into steelhead season this fall!


Pardon my grainy photo, I think it is time to start considering investing in a halfway decent camera in the near future.






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