Catching Up

Safe to say I am a bit behind on the posts, but a lot has been going on.  I got married to my high-school sweetheart in September and we haven’t looked back!  Couple that with about 12 other weddings and free time has been limited, but I have been able to make due.

I spent a few hours on the local tribs the last few weeks practicing my spey casting with a setup I picked up.  I purchased a 13′ 7 Weight Dec Hogan II Series from Echo Fly Rods.  I paired it with a 7/8 weight Redington Behemoth Reel and a 475 Grain Skagit Shooting head from Rio.  Although I am new to spey casting the rod seems to cast great.  I have mostly been throwing double speys and snap t’s.  Not quite ready yet for the touch and go casting. Now it just has to get me a fish on the swing to get the full review.

Been doing my best trying to stick to the swing with limited success.  Spent 3 hours last Sunday on the St Joe and about 3 hours on the Milwaukee over black Friday with nothing to show. I guess I’ll keep singing that song from Finding Nemo…Just Keep Swinging, Just Keep Swinging…or something like that, right?

Spent a couple hours at the Early Show in Oakbrook a few weeks back and got a quick lesson from Doug Taylor, local spey casting guru. Any time you can spend with him is well worth it. I definitely plan to take a course the next time he is offering one through one of the local shops.

Other than that I have been working on my tying on Thursday evenings at Coren’s and  preparing for the holidays. I’ll post a few pics below from a few outings and goings on here at NWSFly

Opted Outside on MKE for Black Friday and had the river to myself.MKE River Spey.JPG


Staying warm on the St. JoeSt Joe.JPG


Mini Moon Smalljaws, Wisconsinimg_3127img_3122



A lot of fishing but not a lot of catching, The Dowagiac River in October.img_3241


Upgraded oars, locks, paint, anchor lock, and fiberglass on the skiff. Go Cubs!DCIM100GOPROimg_3239


Late fall, The Oconto Riverimg_3243


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